Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reorganizing, crafting, cooking, & lots of cleaning

My Hubby and I moved into our new rental house about 1 month ago. Since then, we have been very busy trying to get it all organized. I have also been busy enjoying my new kitchen, creating new crafts & goodies for Christmas presents, and then of course, cleaning up all the messes I make in the process! Now that Christmas is over, I can get back to focusing on making our new home warm and inviting. We had a little kick start session last night when our friends from Sacramento, Stacey & Darin Nixon, were stranded in Yreka due to the snow and came to stay with us. There is nothing like surprise visitors to get me cleaning very fast!

Throughout this week, Erik and I will be focusing on getting our spare room organized. This room will be our guest room, my craft room, and Erik's computer & music room. Since it is truly a multiple use room, in needs to be very organized or it will not be functional at all!! On Sunday, we will be moving in a new desk for my craft area. I am so excited about that! I have never really had a designated craft area, and it will be great to have a place to put all my supplies. I also just ordered a new camera, and I am going to build a little light box later today. Once I have those supplies, I can start taking pictures of my crafts and start selling on Etsy. I am so excited about getting started!

Here are some pictures of our new place yesterday, after it snowed all day. :-) We are looking forward to sharing our home with friends and family, so feel free to come visit anytime. We would love to have you!

~ Amber


  1. awww look at all the snow. We only got rain and today the sun keeps peeking through. Love your new blog Amber and looking forward to reading it each day! love ya!

  2. Just found your blog! I'm in the midst of moving too (a bit further south in California, in the Bay Area). Were you moving when it snowed?? That makes me feel like I should be complaining less about my own moving. ;)

  3. Hi Startup Wife! My husband and I moved back "home" to Siskiyous County about 6 months ago, but we were living with my mother in law for that time. We just moved into our new house the week before Thanksgiving. It wasn't snowing then, thank goodness!! It did rain a bit the day before, but luckily it didn't rain on our moving day. Moving is the pits, and even worse with bad weather! Good luck on your move and thanks for checking out my blog! I just started, so I am looking forward to making some new blogger friends! :-)